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Great tool to find Dofollow blogs and forums for link building and subsequently increasing your blog visits number

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It doesn’t matter how great is your site design, product and content, if you don’t have a way to make people get to you, you’ll be like a guy (Girl?) selling lemonade in the middle of the Sahara desert. But someone may say “All a website needs is original and good quality content”; it’s true, in part. A website is like a soup, it takes more than one ingredient to make it tasteful. You need to do your website SEO if you want to reach somewhere, but some of you may have read in one of my articles where I said that I’m investing more on Social Media than SEO, yes, I’m doing that, but take note of one thing: I never said I abandoned SEO.
Live by the 60/40 rule, invest 60% of your time promoting your content, and 40% creating it, if you’re a very busy person (With family, social life, job and other stuff), then invest 80% promoting and 20% creating. It will take time, perhaps 1, 2, 3 or 4 months, but the results will be great, you can find many people on the web that started like that, and today their websites have a massive amount of traffic.


SEO means Search Engine Optimization, it’s a variety of techniques that are used to increase a website’s position in the search engines results, in other words, there is a marathon out there for search terms (keywords), and everyone wants to get in first.
If your website is about cars, you must find out which are the best keywords to promote it, e.g.: “Used cars in San Francisco”, then use Google Adwords keywords external tool to see if those keywords have low competition and monthly searches. To use it, you only need to access, of course you need to have a Google account.

Now let us suppose “Used cars in San Francisco” is the best keyword for you (actually “Used cars in San Francisco” is a long tail keyword, but leave the details for another occasion), the most basic thing you have to do now is to find dofollow blogs and forums to promote your website. But take note of one thing, currently there is a new Google update called Penguin 2.0, and it is getting many websites that are practicing spam to manipulate search results with the use of links scheme technique, anyway in SEO, everything is a links scheme, because you need to build links to get promoted, but when you abuse it, that’s considered spamming and manipulation. Then have in mind to build content while you build links, the rule, remember the rule.


Here is a great tool created with Google’s custom search that can be used to find Dofollow blogs and forums, enjoy:

Find Dofollow Blogs
Find Dofollow Forums

Don't forget to install SEO QUAKE in your browser and activate the option Strike-through "nofollow" and "noindex", that will strike a line over the nofollow links, another detail, some links utilize CSS, preventing SEO QUAKE from finding out if it is nofollow or not, so you may need to pass the mouse over the link and click Inspect element, that option is available at Google Chrome and Firefox, but in firefox your first need to install Firebug addon.

Once you have found the proper blogs, make comments in the articles with your search term, as follows:

Name: Used cars in San Francisco
Message: A relevant comment, don’t type stuff like “Great content, I’ll be loving to read more articles from you” and never leave links here, your link should be and must be on the URL field, because your name is going to be your link after the comment gets auto published/approved, and so you will have a Backlink to your site and that’s the most basic technique of Search Engine Optimization, it’s called Link Building.

Once you have found the proper forums, you can include your links on your signature.

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Thx for reading, I love ya :3

See you next time.

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