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How to change your Blogger's language

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Sometimes you need to have your blog in a specific language, but it just keeps displaying the text in your location’s language, like in my case where I need the diby riby thingy to display in Englishy, and it still keeps displaying in Brazilian Portuguese, I even went to my Google Account and changed the language to USA English, it changed the whole site, except the Blogger. So what should I or you do?

Simply go to this page:

Chose your language and save it :)

Thx for reading, see you next time :)


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Matheus is a Web Designer who decided to start a social network where users beyond talking, could also share Free Blogger Templates, the website, nevertheless, it wasn't enough for him, so he decided to create the Akecheta Blog, where users can get tips and tricks on how to customize their blog layout and functionality.


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