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How to create a forum in Blogger

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Sometimes you need a way to interact directly with your readers, customers, viewers, penguins, etc. You may also need those people to interact with each other, and that’s time to start a web forum, but you don’t have any programming skills, you also don’t want to spend a penny with web hosting and web professionals, then you need a free easy way to start your own forum, well now you can.
You’ll learn how to do that now:

1 – Log into your blogger, open your blog’s dashboard and on the left menu click "Pages".
2 – Click "New Page", create a blank page and publish it.
3 – Visit this page to create your free forum
4 – Register and activate your account by clicking in the link in the Email they have sent to you.
5 – Now on your Nabble account click "Options", then "Embedding Options".
6 – Copy the code, get back to your blog’s dashboard, edit the page again.
5 – Click HTML, paste the code and save.

And here is how it should look:

Enjoy your free forum. So you might ask me “Why don’t you have a free forum in your blog too?” I’d love to do the same thing in my blog, but it is already in the main site here:  :)

Thx for reading. Please comment! I'll be seeing ya.

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