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Join the Akecheta Group at Facebook!

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Good news everyone, I have Just invented a place to Bloggers engage with each other at Facebook! It’s not a magical land or some sort of sci-fi movie, but it’s a real thing that works. And you tell me: You already did that, it’s called Akecheta,, yes I did, but why not in Facebook too? As more people as I can bring together, as more people I can help to do business, friendships, partnerships, or all kind of ships :P, the better.
Let’s participate of the group, but before giving you the link I need to ask you a few stuff:

-    The group is new, so you may find an empty place, want to help? Just join it, it’s free.
-    Write a post about the group and I’ll write a post about your group, forum or website.
-    You can advertise your website, yes, sure you can, but please don’t abuse it, remember there are other bloggers who needs the same service.
-    Drop me a message or suggestion if you feel you have to.

This is the group’s link:

See you on the other side.


About Author:

Matheus is a Web Designer who decided to start a social network where users beyond talking, could also share Free Blogger Templates, the website, nevertheless, it wasn't enough for him, so he decided to create the Akecheta Blog, where users can get tips and tricks on how to customize their blog layout and functionality.


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