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I believe I can fly, I believe I can touch the sky! Gooooood evening everyone, I’m a lot of sugar in the blood right now typing like nuts and would like to introduce you a guide to auto promote your website in the most famous social media websites in the world: Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn! I suppose you have read my last article What is, why you should use it, and 44 places to submit your feed for free!, or that you already know what is a feed and the benefits of using it. Haven’t? You still got time. ;)


Have in mind one thing, every single business must have a website, and every website must have a blog, and every blog must have readers, right?
But how do you get readers? You firstly must have articles, of course, then you need to make a small search engine optimization, good, but you don’t want to lose the loyalty of your readers, then you need to find a way to keep them up to date with your content, and there some ways to do that, like using mail lists and feed burner, or if you don’t mind, you can send them postal letters or call each one :p,  but the easiest one is with Facebook (You can also try it with other social media), because people live in Facebook nowadays. And how can you do that? By inserting a facebook like box, or a facebook like button, read my article How to insert a Facebook Like box inyour Blog. Social Media benefits:

  • It can generate more business exposure
  • It can increase lead generation by using social media 6 hours or less per day
  • It can be used to gather marketplace intelligence
  • Using it for a long time can rise your blog’s search engine rankings
  • It can reduce your marketing expenses

Take a look at this infographic created by


These steps are going to teach you how to use it with Facebook, the procedure with Twitter and LinkedIn is basically the same:

1 - Access and signup:

2 – Add your Feed:

Advanced settings are optional, but I suggest you to check it out. Now choose Facebook as service.

3 – Choose existing Facebook Account or Authenticate a new account:
Click “Connect to facebook”.

After authenticating, select if you want to post to your wall or a fan page. I wanted to post a screenshot here, but I’m having trouble with my twitterfeed account, as I write this tutorial it is not allowing me to choose wherever I can post to a page or wall. Being able only to post on my wall. Please, if it works for you, send me the screenshot and I’ll update the post. This is a temporary problem, it happens sometimes. Now click “Update service”, and then click “All done”.


Now every single item from your feed will be posted to your Facebook Wall/Page automatically, even when you write new content.

Hope it can be useful for you as much as it is being for me. Thank you for reading, I’m on my way.

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Matheus is a Web Designer who decided to start a social network where users beyond talking, could also share Free Blogger Templates, the website, nevertheless, it wasn't enough for him, so he decided to create the Akecheta Blog, where users can get tips and tricks on how to customize their blog layout and functionality.


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