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A gift for the ladies =)

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I noticed a few stuff happening in the last 6 months, it’s a giant growth in the amount of female users in Blogger, such as female entrepreneurs, house wives, college girls, school girls, female writers, all kind of women creating blogs at blogger, with one goal: To express themselves. Yes, that’s a fascinating topic, because most people starts blogs just to provide something to the community and at the same time earn money, but women wants and needs more, they want to express their emotions, they want to feel welcomed by their users, to build an identity so people may say “She’s a great professional”, and another thing that most of them don’t want to, but end up becoming into: famous.
That’s why I decided to make a Blogger template for women, I want to make part of their success, so I can wake up in the morning and think “Someone in the world is using a tool that I created to help others” and be glad. By the way, it is free to download and use.

The template is called A Lady’s Life and you can get the XML code here.

If you want to host the template images by yourself, you can download the images pack here.




After getting the code, you will have to go to your blog’s dashboard, click the “Template” tab and then on the button “Backup / Restore” to take a backup of your current template first. Now to avoid any weird appearance result, apply one of the Simple templates which already comes in the blog’s dashboard, you will see that the template was changed, good, click the button “EDIT HTML”, you’ll then see your current template’s html code, select the whole code and delete it (If you’re on Windows, press Control + A”). Now paste the code you copied before, save it. Done, you have your new template installed.


The first thing you need to change (Or remove) is the picture of the girl with a dog in the header, because if it is going to be your personal blog, you can’t just use a random person’s image hugging a Golden Retriever. o.O
Perhaps you will have to change the header too.

Changing the girl with dog image: Search for object388209860.png and change the whole URL to yours.

Changing the header image: Search for header.jpg and change the whole URL to yours.

Changing the Logo and Slogan text: Save your code, close it, go to “Settings > Basic”, change it and save.

Now open your Template’s HTML again.

Changing the Facebook, Twitter and Feed Addresses in the top:

Facebook – Search for <a class='lady-facebook-tag-icon' href='' target='_blank'/>
Change the http URL to your facebook page, profile or group.

Twitter - Search for <a class='lady-twitter-tag-icon' href=''/>
Change the https URL to your twitter profile.

Feed – Search for <a class='lady-rss-tag-icon' href='http://'/>
Change the http URL to your blog’s feed address, usually

Inserting your banner image or text: Search for <div class='lady-object278307641-text'><p style='text-align: center; '><span style='text-align: center; '>Banner 420 x 60</span></p></div>
Delete Banner 420 x 60, and then insert your text or image URL.

Changing the Sponsored links banner: Search for 60b9a1b3-9e30-4c8f-b46a-056982cc21d4.jpg
Change the URL to yours.

Changing the Facebook Like Box: Search for <iframe allowtransparency='true' frameborder='0' scrolling='no' src='//
The iframe starts at <iframe and end at />, you can change it to your Facebook Like Box code, I suggest you to use the iframe version too, otherwise you would have to adapt the code (E.g.: If you’re using the HTML5 version) in order to be able to save the template.

That’s it. The pages can be added directly from your blog’s dashboard. Enjoy it.

If you’re facing a simple problem with the template, you can ask me in the comments and I’ll be glad to help you out, but if what you need is to customize your template or any advanced request, your can contact me clicking here and I’ll help you with that but in this last case you’ll have to pay for the service. :)

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Matheus is a Web Designer who decided to start a social network where users beyond talking, could also share Free Blogger Templates, the website, nevertheless, it wasn't enough for him, so he decided to create the Akecheta Blog, where users can get tips and tricks on how to customize their blog layout and functionality.


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